Why is Climate Change "Fake News", but a Nuclear Threat by Iran Not?


How Composting in Exile Makes the World a Better Place.


I saw a scary picture from the BBC the other day that I just can’t believe.

Fake news is funny.

We all shiver and shake and stare as we believe the latest statement of prevarication that yet another country in the Middle East is putting our lives in danger with Weapons of Mass Destruction. (Can history repeat itself so soon?) But when there are pictures of literal islands of plastic floating along shores across the globe, we become skeptics of the first magnitude.

It occurs to me that of the two “dangers” I’m guessing the plastic is a greater threat to our way of life than the Iranian’s nuclear capability.

And, one is easier to believe than the other: A President who by the count of the New York Times has told us thousands of lies since taking office? Or, that millions of tons a plastic are inundating the earth.

Take a moment though and think about it, Where did we imagine all that plastic was going, anyway?

Exile at the Alamo means I cook a lot. In fact, except for Wing night at the Cove, and an occasional offering by Chef at the Wood Fired Kitchen at the Colloca Estate Winery, most days I find myself preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the dogs and me.

But there’s an unintended consequence of all of this. I generate kitchen waste and trash -- lots of it.

So after my first year, where I spent the majority of my time trying to figure out how to keep warm in the long, dark months of winter, I turned my attention to what millennials call “sustainability”, and what I call common sense.

I started dealing with trash.

First, I re-cycle anything I can from newspapers, to fan mail, to tuna cans and shirt cardboards. Truthfully, I fill up the re-cycle bin three times faster than the one going to landfill.

Second, I try not to buy stuff that is wrapped in plastic. When I go to an actual butcher, they wrap my purchase in “freezer paper”, and my chances of getting meat that won’t kill me is an unintended positive consequence. I use bio-degradable dog waste bags. And, I will do pretty much anything not to have to use those plastic bags they have for our vegetables at grocery stores.  It takes a little effort. But it helps.

Last but not least, I have my two Dalek looking composters in the back yard. They may look like they’re right off the set of a Dr. Who show, but they are incredible at turning my kitchen waste into great soil for my gardens.

It takes a year to turn a full one into dirt, but it really is a thing of beauty.

One thing’s for sure. My gardens will flourish this year. And, between the great soil I’m making by composting, and all the B#&&%@*! that is generated by our government about Climate Change being Fake News, I should have tomatoes the size of basketballs.

These small things in my exile, seem to be making the world a little better place. My world at least. A tiny contribution with big consequences.

Now, when my dogs and I walk to the water’s edge here on the North Coast of America, I can hear the sounds of the fish thanking me.