Katie Wilson Wins WFP Endorsement to Run Against Stefanik

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KEENE, NY -- This Game Changing Endorsement Puts Katie Wilson Ahead of Thinning Field in New York's 21st Congressional District Before June Primary. As a Small Business Owner & Working Single Mother, North Country Lifer Embodies Spirit of Working Families Party

The Working Families Party has officially announced its endorsement of Katie Wilson for New York’s 21st congressional district, recognizing Wilson as the embodiment of their mission to empower and defend working class families around the country. Katie Wilson is the rare candidate that can represent working class families because she is working class.

"WFP is proud to support Katie Wilson for Congress. As a single mother and small business owner, Katie knows well the struggles of working families in the North Country, and is exactly the kind of home-grown Working Families Democrat we need in Congress,” said Karen Scharff, Working Families Party Co-Chair. “Katie will fight for the needs of the North Country instead of tax cuts for billionaires and health care cuts for everyone else. She's got the right kind of experience combined with the persistence and enthusiasm it will take to be heard in the halls of Congress."

“I’m ecstatic, this endorsement is what my campaign is all about! It’s time to elevate the needs of working families above the needs of Wall Street and the elite. I’m a Working Families Democrat and I’m fighting for the little guy in this David & Goliath moment,” said Katie Wilson, Congressional Candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District.  “The WFP understands that this is not the time to elect wealthy, out of touch candidates who do not understand the everyday struggles facing working people. Now is the time to bring diversity to Congress and that includes socio-economic diversity.”

“Katie Wilson stands out as a genuine North Country voice, advocating for the policies that will truly move the needle for her neighbors and reinvigorate our Upstate community,” said Tom Wood, long-time North Country Working Families Party Organizer. “Wilson knows that change only comes when every working family has a voice at the table, and has embraced a platform devoted to ensuring economic and educational equality for every North Country resident. We are proud to endorse her campaign, and recognize her commitment to supporting her community.”

Wilson’s endorsement comes on the heels of her recognition in national media, including a column written for Teen Vogue in which Wilson emphasized the need for Congressional representatives who actually live under the policies crafted hundreds or thousands of mile away in Washington. In a separate piece for Refinery29, Wilson highlighted the need for more single mothers in Congress – right now, the one single mother in Congress represents the 25 percent of American families with women as head of household.

The Working Families Party is a Progressive party that fights for the everyday American. With wide-spread support, the Working Families Party has influenced public policies that make a difference in the lives of working families, from paid sick days laws and minimum wage increases to patrolling practices that affect student debt and environmental protection. The party works in an expanding coalition of labor, community, environmental, youth and faith groups to help build an economy that works for us and a democracy in which every voice matters.

To learn more about Katie Wilson’s campaign and her platform, visit her website: https://www.katiewilsonforcongress.com/.