Fighting Back: Attacking Trump Republicans on Every Front

fighting nazis.jpg

BROOKLYN, NY: 02 March 2018 -- I'm a big fan of studying history. And, while I'm not necessarily in agreement with those who have compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler (I don't think Trump is a diabolical genius, or a genius of any sort) I do see interesting parallels in today's America with the rise of fascism in the 1930's.

It spread like wildfire, its insidious destruction eating away at civilization like some flesh eating virus, one square mile of of Europe at a time.

Now, just like in the 30's, not a day goes by when we don't lose one more bit of freedom, give away one more human right, look in horror at one more tragedy engulfing our fellow humans on this planet. Trump's particular band of Fascism seems to be erasing the America I grew up loving as well as every bit of hope for 99% of us.

Sadly for me, (I'm supposed to enjoying retirement) Mrs. Warner didn't raise a son to sit on the sidelines, and so I zig-zag across 28,000 square miles of New York State fighting back in the only way I know how: at the voting booth.

Today, I'm in Brooklyn where Working Families Party Activists from across the state will make headline news this Sunday as we choose our candidate for U.S. Senate. Pretty heady stuff.

But for me, that's the easy part. The rest of the time I'm helping fight back Trump's fascism all fronts.

The first is in the Working Families Party initiative to get rid of the IDC in the New York State Senate. If you don't know what that is, don't feel bad ... neither do your neighbors. But the simple explanation is that it is a nickname for 8 State Senators across the state who got elected as Democrats, but who support the Republicans. They're what they brand themselves as the "Independent Democratic Caucus".

Horse hockey!

To get elected, they hide behind the Trump Republican tactic of the "Big Lie" -- pointing fingers at everyone else and telling voters "It's not my fault" -- while supporting Republican's efforts to stem voting rights, eliminate protection for women's reproductive rights, stop efforts to protect our environment and turn a blind eye toward the rampant corruption that has destroyed our upstate economy.

In Central New York, we have the only Upstate Member of this gang of eight who Political Pundit Alan Chartock of Albany calls, the "Traitors" -- Senator David Valesky of the 53rd Senate District.

We're going to give him the opportunity to start a new career by beating him in the Democratic Primary in September. How are we doing it? Well we're starting with the 500 prime Democrats who supported Mr. Valesky who have pledged to vote against ANY candidate who tries to unseat him because of his duplicitous actions.

Leading the charge is a courageous candidate out of the City of Syracuse, Rachel May. She's going to be here on Sunday when we announce the other seven IDC challengers as well as the WFP Senate candidate.

Then there's the Senate race next door to Rachel May's 53rd. It's Senate District 50, John DeFrancisco's seat. He's leaving it to get slaughtered in the race for Governor. It's in my region and we are looking at candidates who will turn that seat back to the Democrats where it belongs.

Last but not least are three of my four Congressional seats. All flippable from Red to Blue and all with great candidates. In CD 21 (the North Country) we've got the feisty single mom, Katie Wilson (WFP) vying for the Democratic nomination in June's primary. Then, she'll go on to go toe to toe with Elise Stefanik -- Trump's Congressional lackey -- and win this district back for the people.

On to CD 22, where Central NY Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is about to kick Republican Claudia Tenney to the curb. Last poll of 2017 had him edging ahead. He's actually slightly out-raising her in the cash department and in my travels across the district -- he's #1 where it counts -- among the voters.

Last -- but by no means least -- there's newly designated candidate Dana Balter from Syracuse giving John Katko a run for his money in Congressional District 24. She's nothing but amazing. The WFP made a resounding endorsement by local WFP leaders and Regional Council on last Thursday, and she got the Democratic Designation from Onondaga County Dems two days later on Saturday.

How lucky I am to be working with all of these incredible people to fight against Trump's version of America, one front at a time.