Winning one for the good guys

Alfredo and me after the polls closed.

Alfredo and me after the polls closed.

Sometimes, the good guys actually do win. Last November, In Albany's 11th Ward, Alfredo Balarin was elected to the Common Council in a vicious battle to beat back the bad guys.

He becomes the first Latino to serve in office in the City!

His opponent, incumbent Judd Krasher, collected so many illegal absentee ballots that it it became clear that parking would NOT be a problem on election day. Virtually every one of the absentee applications gave "Out of Town on Election Day" as the reason for needed an absentee ballot. That would mean that essentially a third of the voters had left town. It was an absurd abuse of the law and a sordid attempt at stealing the election.

Fortunately -- thanks in large part to former City Court Judge Tom Keefe who led a team that gathered dozens of affidavits from voters who said they were duped -- the plan to rob people of their voting rights was foiled.

Rumor has it that an investigation is continuing to see if criminal charges can be filed.

In the meantime, it's nice to know that in this age of Trump where rules and justice don't matter, the good guys actually DO win once in a while!